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Innovations at Bangalore Fashion Week

Bangalore Fashion Week from its inception has been reinvinting Fashion and Making new inroads into popularising Indian Fashion on a Global Platform.

Over the Years BFW has created New Niche Modules which now have become synonymous with Fashion in India.

  • Winter Festive - BFW redefined Fashion in India with the integration of an Entirely new Season ie. Winter Festive (Keeping in mind the Climatic conditions and Festive atmosphere in India )
  • International Fashion - BFW offers International Designers to participate at BFW, helping bring global fashion to India and providing International and Indian Designers a Platform for Fashion Integration.
  • BFW Tunes High Fashion Music - Exclusively created for the Fashion Shows at BFW and are Available for sale at Planet M Outlets and its own exclusive Online portal -
  • BFW Labels - An Online Designer Fashion Store Bringing The Best In Fashion Clothes & Fashion Accessories of the participating Designers of BFW.
  • Global Fashion - BFW goes global with the successful launch of BFW World Tour at Bangkok (Following with Stops at Dubai, London,etc).. The Objective being to promote Indian Fashion at various Indian Fashion Friendly Locations the world over.




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